Celebrating Moms


We celebrated moms for Mother’s Day. In the studio we interviewed 14 year old Hawthorne Bolger Witherspoon, an artist who’s work illustrates a new book called South Valley, written by Jimmy Santiago Baca. And, we heard the winning essay of Youth Aldo Leopold Writing Contest read by its winner, Akshay Warrier.

With music by Tarrus Riley, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Big Bang Boom, Sho Mo and the Monkey Bunch, Bill Harley, They Might Be Giants, Massimo Ceriotti, Buck Howdy and EmiSunshine.

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About the Author

Katie Stone

Katie Stone has been producing The Children's Hour Radio Show for 16 years and lives on a small farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico raising animals, food and kids with her husband.