Listeners say …

We love hearing from listeners. Here’s what a few have had to say about The Children’s Hour Radio Show over the years. Let us hear from you, too! Click here to leave your comments.

♥  I don’t mind telling you that I had tears streaming down my cheeks listening to the Children’s Hour this morning. Anthony Anella

♥  Not just for kids *****  I listen every week and every week I learn something new. Not bad for a retired old guy, but kids love it too. My grandkids listen with me and sometimes cry when The Children’s Hour ends. We love hearing the kids voices on the air. Truly unique radio – unlike anything I’ve ever heard anywhere else. Give it a listen!  – el Tweaker

♥  I have to say I fell in love with The Children’s Hour because you really put on a great show.  EPS, Los Angeles, CA

♥  Great content for kids and adults!  So much fun to listen to! Katie is a bundle of energy and a wealth of information!  – Bluejaic

♥  I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your program today (and of course previous programs). As an educator of elementary students, I realize how difficult it can be to address events like the Parkland shootings and highly political issues like gun control with young people. You presented both with such honestly, factual information, and heart. Most adults are afraid  to even mention horrific events like Parkland, for good reason. Most of us don’t how to talk about it without  infusing our own intense fear, anger, and feelings of helplessness. We’re afraid to pass that on without having solutions ready.
Your program today gave kids AND adults reason to feel hope for change. Highlighting the survivors of Parkland who are passionately and actively calling out our politicians empowers your young listeners as well as the older ones to turn up the heat and get involved. Thanks Katie for your passion and willingness to speak about important issues with our young people.   Annie Huggins

♥  Our family listens to your program whenever we can on Saturdays. Thanks for putting it on! We always listen to the calendar updates for kids, too. John Cannella, Santa Fe, New Mexico

♥  Miss Katie made me cry today on the children’s hour. Very beautiful show! Especially love this land is your land sung in Spanish. Dean Buck, Albuquerque, NM

♥  I love @TCHRadio! Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham

♥  We’re some of the older “kids” (grandparents, actually) that listen to and love your show. You do such a wonderful job of really making The Children’s Hour, for and by the children. We love hearing their voices and their cute, candid and sometimes surprising comments.  (And we have a nine-year old granddaughter named Siena. She lives in Hawaii, and I often send her links to shows that I think she’d especially like to listen to.) And we really enjoy hearing you interact with the kids who you obviously really like being with.
We also really appreciate and use the information you share and how you help connect it to our lives, especially in New Mexico. You explore so many different areas — relationships, health, current events, history, nature, academics, and more. And you don’t shy away from topics that some might think children shouldn’t be exposed to, like when a parent has cancer or foster children, but of course, these topics are the reality of so many children’s lives.  Thank you so much for all your work and the love you share for our children, New Mexico and the world.   Lisa and Robert Gosper-Espinosa

♥  I discussed the Every Kid Outdoors Act on KUNM’s The Children’s Hour. Learn more about the bill and hear some good ideas for places to hike with children in New Mexico.  Senator Martin Heinrich

♥  I LOVE that we have folks like Mayor Tim Keller, Senator Martin Heinrich, and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, who can come on The Children’s Hour Radio Show and have fun talking intelligently with our New Mexico kids!!  Marti Reed

♥  On The Children’s Hour, archaeologist Dr. Matt Schmader’s fascinating talk informed me that the middle Rio Grande valley has been home to people for over 12,000 years. Albuquerque is the longest constantly inhabited city in the USA. I’m 70 years old, but I love some of the shows on The Children’s Hour like the one on pi.  Lois West, Ranchos de Taos, NM

♥  i have been wanting to share my deep gratitude to you; for all of the amazing, rich, educational, connective, environmental, peaceful, consciousness raising music and info you share on your show. i am always so impressed by your content and i greatly enjoy it. your kind, compassionate and enthusiastic voice is uplifting and ever supportive of engaged community.  you rock!  emjae

♥  You most definitely are kicking ass! My daughter is invariably transfixed. Keep it up!  Philip Handmaker

♥  I play your show for my three cats who seem to like it much, as well as myself, listening constantly to KUNM. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the detailed information!  John K. Scariano, Ph.D.

♥  Great show on mother’s day!  it got me started on a letter/recording for my own mom. keep up the good work, John

♥  Such a brilliant show!! So timely, useful, heartfelt! So needed by kids–and their folks, but never mind. Once again, dear, you were over the top! Many many thanks for what you do (and do, and do). You are a gift to all of us out here in radioland. What a voice you are! Professor Enid Howarth, Albuquerque, New Mexico

♥  I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the show — I’m listening right now. 🙂 Evan Moulson, Boston, Massachusettes

♥  The end of the children’s hour this morning made me cry… We enjoyed your show today. Maureen Dolan

♥  Thanks, Katie, for doing all the many good programs for children and the rest of us. Glen Thamert, Jemez Springs, New Mexico

♥  So I’ve always liked your show for the regular reasons – it’s smart and great fun to listen to on a Saturday morning. But there’s this other thing about it that is important to me….

A few years ago – must be four years now, five? – when my Dad’s dementia reached a point where he could still live with Mom in their apartment, but he started needing more help than we could give, we got some people to come in every day and help with breakfast and odds and ends. It mostly worked, but Dad was having a harder and harder time taking a shower, and he wouldn’t let the helpers (they were young women nurse’s aids at the retirement place where they lived) help him take a shower. That was too much indignity.

So I started coming over a couple of mornings a week to help him take a shower, because I was a boy and someone he knew and trusted and it was OK. His dementia was such that he’d forget first steps of a routine, but once I got him going he was fine. I’d get the water started and adjusted to the right temperature, and point him to the shower, and hand him a washcloth and then the memory would latch on and he was OK. While he was showering, I’d get out his clothes, and help make breakfast, and just kinda be there paying attention to the state of his life.

And so this became my routine, and by it I had the awesome experience of slowly, painfully measuring my father’s decline in really discrete steps – the same routine, every Wednesday and Saturday morning. More help dressing. More help showering. More help putting jam on his toast. He loved jam on his toast, but toward the end he hated taking a shower some days and didn’t really understand who I was. And it became the most important and hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, an experience I would not trade for anything but so difficult.

And then I’d get in the car, emotionally exhausted, near or in tears toward the end, and I’d turn on the Children’s Hour while I drove home and y’all became this lifeline that dependably pulled me back, Saturday after Saturday.

This is history now, Dad moved into a nursing home when it got to be too much, and he died two Decembers ago, and dementia is such that the grieving was mostly done by the time he finally died.

But I always wanted to thank you for this, and have written this note a hundred times in my head, so there, I’ve done that. Thanks.  Cheers,  John (last name held upon request)

♥  —wonderful wonderful show—we’re still laughing!—great way to kick off the weekend— Professor Paul Ford, Albuquerque, NM

♥  Great show this morning. Steve Spitz

♥  That was GREAT Katie- The Woody stuff was teriffic!  Enjoyed it immensely! David Michaelson

♥  It’s always a treat to listen to your show on Saturday mornings, even though I am a senior citizen.  I love your involvement with the kids, the music, and the community activities you present for children and their parents.  Keep up the great work for our kids!   Mary Anne Giangola, Albuquerque, New Mexico

♥  That kid “Julia” is so cute – love to listen to here. Well, so many of the kids. You bring out the best in them. Jim Terr, Las Vegas, New Mexico

♥ A fabulous program today! Well produced and interesting from the the live interviews
to the pre-recorded interview with Weird Al and everything in between. Very entertaining all-around and seamless. You and the kids did a great job.  Rob Raucci
You got the chops.
♥  We listen to your show just about every week and really enjoy the music and guests. Last week you played something that my daughters loved by a group of girls from New Jersey called the jellybeans. It was great to hear kids and I thought it was one of the better songs I’ve heard, very well done. Sixth grade girls? My kids went back to listen to it again. My daughters are 8 and 10 and thought it was “so cool.”  Keep up the good work. Jim Gormley
♥  I’ve been meaning to write you for some time now to thank you for last April’s Children’s Radio Hour the Saturday before Easter. The program was thoughtful, broadbased, and informative. I appreciated your inclusion of various high school students who had researched the origins of Easter in various cultures. The show was a good example of how public radio can offer the background of a religious holiday in a way that respects the tradition, without proselytizing. Thank you. Sincerely,
Rev. Talitha Arnold
Senior MInister
The United Church of Santa Fe
♥  Fabulous Job everybody! I really enjoyed listening to it and so glad people called in to share favorite public art info! Sherri Brueggemann

♥  Hi.  Long time listener, first time E-Mailer … and my birthday was in June, so I missed the birthday club (again) this year.  I probably don’t need a shout out anyway since it was the 20th Anniversary of my 39th B-day.  My wife says I have to get older, but I counter by saying I don’t have to grow up – which is one of the reasons I like your show so much.

More seriously:  I thought the last segment this morning was not only particularly good but very powerful. Everything last week has been reminding me of where I was 10 years ago.  I was in my sun room, chopping up stuff for my compost pile, listening to an interview by Susan Stamberg on Morning Edition.  Which was interrupted.  My first thought was, “If they’re interrupting Susan Stamberg whatever it is must be REALLY important.”  And it was … still is.

Your show this morning brought home a new perspective to me.  It’s not enough to suppress my rage; to try to keep from hating Islam and all it’s adherents, whether fanatical or casual.  It’s not enough to vote and express my (strong) opinion to my representatives about how there are good reasons to fight a war and there are stupid reasons and how to tell the difference (Clue: If it will help you get more votes, it’s not a good reason!)  In short, it’s not enough to do everything I’ve done for the past 10 years to try to get my life back to what was a blissful retirement …

Now I have figured it out:  I have to start teaching my children (OK, they’re 27 & 29, but it’s a place to start) about the meaning of 9/11 and what it should mean for the future: my future, my family’s future, America’s and the world in general’s future.  Not exactly sure what those lessons are yet …  Thank you. Chris Williams

♥  I love the jokes at the show’s beginning; they are simple enough to share with my 89-year-old Mom, who has Dementia, but always gets the humor.   All the Best~ Marilyn Roy  Topeka, KS.