A Pandemic Musical

How Did We Get Here?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, our Broadcast reach has MORE THAN DOUBLED – reaching families throughout the United States, Canada, and Switzerland.

As we move through uncertain times, we are here to offer a place of assurance, stability, and as an outlet for children’s voices. During this once in a lifetime pandemic, we are all challenged, but this is particularly challenging for our youth.

Because of this, The Children’s Hour is embarking on a FIRST OF IT’S KIND project. This professional production has already begun work on this original, kid’s point-of-view pandemic radio musical!

The Children’s Hour will always remain as a source of hope, inspiration, and education each and every week. This musical is proving to be a true reflection of our current times.

How do we create a musical in a Pandemic?

Interviews: Nov 1-14, 2020

We asked our players to tell us about their favorite stories, a story about the world they are living in, and gifted them a challenge to interview someone to get different perspectives on life. 

Pictured: Sarin, Katie, Zen & Jonathan

Practice: Nov 15-25, 2020

Our actors explored the art of theatre! They listened to and watched Broadway musicals. They created character studies, explored voice acting, and practiced storytelling.   

Now We Workshop!

December 2020…
We read and revised our script. Parts were assigned and this began to feel real!
We were sure to take breaks and care for ourselves.

January 2021…
Rehearsal time! We are finalizing our musical parts and rehearse our numbers.  We will do full script run thrust and polish out any rough edges.

Early February 2021…
Time for the magic! We will spend time recording what will become the final musical!

Late February – April 2021…
Editing to create the final, sure to be the final product!
We CANNOT wait to share it with you!

Countdown to Premiere!

Our Pandemic Musical has premiered! Contact Us to find out how to get your hands on a copy OR get a Teacher's Learning Guide!