On this episode of The Children’s Hour we explore mushrooms with mycology educator and author, Peter McCoy. We’ll learn about how the fruits of fungi are the smallest parts of these incredible organisms, which can be found everywhere in nature from the tops of mountains to the bottom of the sea, and how they are a part of all living and dead creatures on Earth.

There are many resources to learn more about mushrooms. We like this site with resources for teachers, parents, and kids from the North American Mycological Association that’s broken down by age and grade level.  Find books for young people on mycology here.  This Utah State site is full of puzzles, games, and more educational resources about fungi and lichens. The British Mycology Society also has a site that is loaded with curriculum, games, resources, and more.

02:38What in the WorldThe Happy RacersReady Set Go2017 SpinBoxClub
02:48Mycelium Around YaFormidable VegetableGrow Do It2016 Formidable Vegetable
03:23Like a Hobbit in a Mushroom FieldBrobdingnagian BardsMemories of Middle Earth2003 Mage Records
03:00Rap Song About FungiBram BarkerScience SongsBram Barker
02:00We're All ConnectedMedeski, Martin & WoodLet's Go Everywhere2014 Little Monster Records
02:19Portobello MushroomsKB WhirlyGreetings from Cloud 92016 Kb Whirly
02:00The Fungus SongRichard BullsingleRichard Bull
02:00Giant Mushroom ForestThe Brian Waite BandSpelunkalicious2019 The Brian Waite Band