Event Registration

Please register your class to attend our virtual field trips. Four of these field trips will be held in the Spring 2022 school year. These events will be held on Zoom and teachers who sign up will have the opportunity for student participation.

Your students will have a chance to ask questions of our expert guests, helping shape the final project. We want to hear from your students!

By attending our Virtual Field Trips, you agree to complete the after-event survey.

Register to attend our Virtual Field Trips

Teachers, please register for your classes to attend and observe our virtual field trips. We will mail you a week before the events with a confirmation that you can still attend.

If you are *NOT* a school, teacher, or student, please note that under the School Name by stating "Not a school". Under the "Number of students" please enter the total number of attendees who will be attending with us online.

Homeschoolers, please just type "Homeschool" under school name.

By attending our events, you agree to take a brief post event survey to help us know if we're doing a great job. Thank you for your cooperation.

Which sessions do you plan on attending?