Museum of Indian Arts & Culture Laboratory of Anthropology

This week on The Children’s Hour we go inside the Center for New Mexico Archaeology in Santa Fe, NM.

The Kids Crew talk with scientists from the Center,  including anthropologists working in the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture’s Laboratory of Anthropology, about what they do, and how the more than 8 million artifacts in the Center are used and preserved. Featuring archaeologist and musical guest, Marlon Magdalena from the Jemez Historic Site and Pueblo.

With music by Jack Johnson, Green Chile Jam Band, Nas & Steven Marley, Robert Mirabal, Poi Dog Pondering, and Sheila Chandra.

About the Author

Katie Stone

Katie Stone is the executive director and producer of The Children's Hour radio show and podcast. She started in radio when she was 15 years years old and believes that kids need to have a voice in broadcast media. Katie lives on a small solar powered farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico raising animals, food and kids with her husband.