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Current Show: The Olympics

Broadcasting: July 22 – 28, 2024

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We produce high-quality children’s public radio programming and podcasts, cultivated through community involvement and immersion. The Children’s Hour is distributed by Native Voice One, the Native American Radio Network. Our award-winning kids’ public radio program, The Children’s Hour can be heard on demand as a weekly podcast and on more than 160 stations in 6 countries.

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A father squatting on the ground in a field with his arms around his two children.

Last Week: Watersheds

The whole world is a giant watershed. Learn what watersheds are, and how they are impacted by forest fires. All over the world, people rely upon watersheds for drinking water, irrigating farmland, and for ecosystems. We are joined by educators from the New Mexico Watershed and Forest Restoration Institute, Natalia Shaw and Raymundo Melendez, along with educator and ecologist Dr. Krista Bonfantine.


Olympics in Paris

This Week: The Olympics

Athletes from around the world are gearing up for the Summer Olympic games, which begin July 26, 2024. This time on The Children’s Hour, learn all about the Olympics from the time they were created around 3,000 years ago, to them now being one of the biggest sporting competitions in the world. We explore the cultural role the Olympics play in bringing people of the world together. This episode was written and produced by our summer intern, Thaniel.


Communication Nation Episode 1: Speaking The Truth - Media Literacy & Misinformation

Next Week: Communication Nation Episode 1 - Speaking the Truth

Communication Nation Episode One: Speaking the Truth: Media Literacy & Misinformation is the first of a four part radio series exploring communication to better understand one another. We can only have effective communication when we can trust our sources. We learn about media literacy and misinformation from Eisha Buch at Common Sense Media. It’s media literacy for kids, this time on The Children’s Hour. Comes with learning guides!


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