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Podcast, STEM


Who’s hooting? On this episode of The Children’s Hour, we learn all about owls! 

More than 200 species of owls live around the world. Maybe you have had the experience like some of our Kids Crew, of seeing owls in the wild? If you want to learn more about these interesting creatures, this episode is for you!

History, Podcast

Negro Baseball Leagues

For more than forty years, the Negro Baseball Leagues provided opportunities for Black American athletes to play professionally. We learn about these leagues with author, historian, and son of a NBL umpire, Byron Motley. This episode comes with a Learn-Along guide!

Culture & Music, Podcast

Living The Dream

Megan Piphus is living the dream. A ventriloquist and singer, as the six year old Muppet Gabrielle, Megan is Sesame Street's first Black woman puppeteer. She is with us for the hour.

Health, History, Podcast

The Skin We’re In

This time on The Children’s Hour, we explore the skin we are in. We are joined by Dr. Holly McGee and Dr. Nina Jablonski, who have written a book to explain the cultural and social history of skin color called It’s Just Skin, Silly. Then we meet Dr. Adnan Mir, a pediatric dermatologist who helps us understand even more about our skin from a medical point of view. This episode comes with a digital Learn-Along guide that meets and cites educational content standards, to be used in the classroom.

Literacy, Podcast

Read & Ride

This time on The Children's Hour, we meet Ms. Caitlin Gooch from Saddle Up And Read, an organization that motivates kids to read with horses. Evan Daitz reviews My Life In The Fish Tank, and Maya Falcon gives us her review of PANDEMIC 2020: A 9 Year Old's Perspective by Prisha Hedau. The kids in the Extinction Diaries teach us about why some zebras are being born with bizarre stripe patterns, and what that means. We've got great music on this show, too. Learn with us!

Health, Podcast

Eating Well

What makes a good meal great? It’s when it tastes delicious and is nutritious, all at the same time. This week on The Children’s Hour we get in the kitchen with Kids Cook’s Sara Robbins in a demonstration kitchen, as we explore healthy foods for kids of all ages. We talk with pediatric dietician, Jill Castle about making healthy choices for our meals. At the same time, we’re cooking at 3 Sisters Kitchen and making burritos from scratch. Our goal is eating well – join us!

Podcast, STEM

Our Shaking Planet

Our planet is alive, and not just because it enables life to live here, but also the land on Earth is constantly shifting and moving. This time on The Children's Hour we learn about our earthquakes from science communicator and geologist, Dr. Wendy Rocks. Then we hear about volcanoes from Dr. Mousumi Roy. We explore what causes earthquakes and volcanoes, and how scientists can (or cannot) predict them. Plus hear a Kids Crew review of a new book about epic mythology: Greeking Out. Let's get shaking with The Children's Hour!

Culture & Music, Podcast

Be The Change With SaulPaul

This time on The Children's Hour we visit with the inspiring and talented children's musician, author, motivational speaker and change-maker SaulPaul, a musician with a message.  The Kids Crew learn about his triumph over adversity, and challenge him to compose a freestyle rap while on the air with us! Then Kids Crew member Evan Daitz reviews the book A Whale of the Wild by Roseanne Parry.

Learning Guide, Podcast, STEM


We learn all about skunks with world renown mephitologist, Dr. Jerry Dragoo. Mixed with great music sure to captivate kids of all ages. Comes with a Learn-Along Guide!

Culture & Music, Literacy, Podcast

Best of 2023 With Bob Odenkirk

We showcase some of the best of 2023 for kids music. The Kids Crew is joined by guests Bob Odenkirk and his daughter Erin Odenkirk. Their book Zilot & Other Important Rhymes is our pick for the best book of 2023 for children. Celebrate the best of 2023 with The Children's Hour.

Podcast, Seasonal

Happy Holidays

Celebrate the holidays with The Children's Hour in a holiday musical special. We will play some of the latest and greatest in Kindie releases, and with many of our classic favorites. Get your family singing and dancing and fill your hearts with joy. Happy Holidays from all of us at The Children's Hour!

Podcast, STEM

Just Look Up

Astronomy begins at home, just looking up and seeing what we see. The Kids Crew meet with Professor Raman Prinja, Head of Astronomy and Physics at University College in London. Professor Prinja’s new book Wonders of the Night Sky details the many celestial sights we can see just by looking up at the sky in our own backyards. Get out of this world with us in a conversation on astrophysics with the Kids Crew.

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