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Culture & Music, History, Podcast

Black History Special

This time on The Children's Hour we explore black history through music. We've put together a special playlist of songs to educate about a few of the people who made significant contributions to technology, culture, and the quest for justice and equality.

Lungfish taking a breath of air at the surface of a lake
Podcast, STEM


This week on The Children's Hour, we learn about one of the most ancient animals to live on our planet, that is still alive today: Lungfish.

Divinity Roxx and her keyboard synthesizer
Culture & Music, Podcast

Divinity Roxx

Divinity Roxx is a Grammy nominee, superstar bassist, and longtime member of Beyoncé's touring band. This time on The Children's Hour, she guest deejays the show, and answers all of our many questions about life as a rockstar.

Po'Pay led the Pueblo Revolt of 1680
History, Learning Guide, Podcast

Southwestern American History

This time on The Children's Hour, we have a different kind of show. This episode is taken from our six episode educational podcast series called "A Brief History of the American Southwest - For Kids" which was produced through multiple virtual field trips to sites of significance in our high desert of New Mexico.

Podcast, Seasonal


We celebrate the holidays this week on The Children's Hour. It's a musical special, full of new and beloved Christmas carols and Hanukkah songs.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Favorite Things

This time on The Children's Hour we explore a few of our favorite things. Genevieve goes to the opera, Corbit and Kodiak fly an airplane, and we visit with pet rescuers from Animal Humane New Mexico.

Podcast, STEM

Our Changing Climate

This time on The Children's Hour, we learn about climate change, including its causes, results, and the actions we must take to protect future generations.

Podcast, Seasonal


Coming up on The Children’s Hour, we’ve got a lot of gratitude this year, for our health, well-being, families, food, homes, and so much more. We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with a musical special in recognition of how thankful we are.

Podcast, STEM


This time on The Children's Hour, we learn about a canine that is thriving across North America: coyotes. They may look like wild dogs, but we learn from biologist Zoe Rossman that they are quite different from our friendly house pets.