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This time on The Children’s Hour, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in a musical special dedicated to gratitude, family, and appreciation of each another and the Earth. We’re finding the joy in every moment, in this Thanksgiving musical Children’s Hour.

Learning Guide, Podcast, STEM

Dating Trees

Trees have birthdays too, and scientists find out when they are by studying tree rings. This episode comes with a Learn-Along guide that meets and cites US educational standards.

Literacy, Podcast

Reading and Writing

Join our Kids Crew in a conversation with the beloved children's authors, Goosebump's author RL Stine and Marc Brown, the author and illustrator of the Arthur books and TV show. We discover their secrets to creating some of the most widely read kids' books of all time. Get reading with The Children's Hour!

Culture & Music, Podcast


This time on The Children's Hour, the winner of the 2022 Grammy for Best Children's Release, Falu is our guest for the whole hour.

Learning Guide, Podcast, STEM


Learn all about sloths with author Georgeanne Irvine from the San Diego Zoo, and biologist Sam Trull from the Sloth Institute in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. Find out how we can all help protect sloths. This episode comes with a digital Learn Along guide that meets and cites US national education standards.

Civics, Health, Podcast

Gun Safety

Because kids are seeing guns in so many places, The Children's Hour has tips on gun safety that hunting families have taught their kids for generations. We learn from kids who are hunters themselves on what hunting means to them, and we explore gun laws in the US and the world. Gun violence prevention begins with a conversation at home. Join us for this lifesaving episode of The Children's Hour.

Culture & Music, History, Podcast, STEM


This time on Children’s Hour get blown away with us as we learn all about balloons. We begin with the history of hot air balloons, and we end up in the air on a real balloon. Then we explore latex balloon art and clothing with the team at Airigami. Plus, find out what happens when helium balloons get released into nature. And, that mysterious object you might see floating around in the middle of the day in the skies above you? That might be a weather balloon! All of this is mixed with great music!

Culture & Music, Podcast

Kids Global Music

Get into the world groove with The Children’s Hour as we explore global music for kids. We hear some radio debuts of songs that teach, inspire, and entertain, performed by musicians from around the world. Join us for a musical exploration of world music for kids!

Learning Guide, Podcast, STEM


Learn about fossils in a Kids Crew field trip to a secret fossil quarry in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, as well as in a chat with New Mexico Natural History Museum educator Mike Sanchez. Will we become fossilized too? Fossils teach us about the Ice Age and climate change at the La Brea Tar pits in the heart of Los Angeles. This episode comes with a Learn-Along guide and is mixed with great music.

Culture & Music, Podcast, STEM

Falling Into Autumn

This time on The Children's Hour we are falling into autumn in the northern hemisphere. We learn about equinox, and hear from 5th graders on learning different perspectives about Labor Day, Mexican Independence Day, and Columbus Day.

Culture & Music, Literacy, Podcast

Tell Me A Story

This time on The Children’s Hour, it’s a full hour of stories and story-songs with authors Todd Parr and Michelle Adam, and many more. We hear stories from Bill Harley, Joanne Shenandoah, and song stories throughout the program. This episode takes us on adventures to new worlds and ideas. Join us while we tell you stories, this time on The Children’s Hour.

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