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Learning Guide, Podcast, STEM


This time on The Children's Hour, we learn about squid with Skype A Scientist, Dr. Sarah McAnulty. These ubiquitous creatures are the psychedelic acrobats of the ocean.

Podcast, STEM

Caves Alive

This time on The Children's Hour, we're joined by three cave biologists who are researching life underground. Learn the basics of caves, spelunking, and hear about cutting edge research into extremophiles.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Epic Voice Guy

This time on The Children’s Hour we are joined by the Epic Voice Guy himself, Jon Bailey. Maybe his name isn’t familiar but his voice has been heard in thousands of commercials, TV shows, video games, animations, toys, movies, and more.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Justin Roberts

This time on The Children's Hour, we're joined by 5 time Grammy nominee, 9 time Parents Choice Gold winner Justin Roberts. Plus, Rebel Girls teach us about kid superstar drummer, Nandi Bushell.

Podcast, STEM

At The Bottom of the Sea

This time on The Children’s Hour, the Kids Crew get aboard the JOIDES Resolution, virtually, while the ship is at sea off the coast of Portugal. We meet Amy Mayer, the Onboard Outreach Officer for the JOIDES Expedition 397, and research fellow Saray Sanchez.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Lucky Diaz

This time on The Children's Hour we visit with the bilingual, Grammy winning duo, Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis from the Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band.

History, Learning Guide, Podcast

Negro Baseball Leagues

For more than forty years, the Negro Baseball Leagues provided opportunities for Black American athletes to play professionally. We learn about these leagues with author, historian, and son of a NBL umpire, Byron Motley. This episode comes with a Learn-Along guide!

Culture & Music, History, Podcast

Black History Special

This time on The Children's Hour we explore black history through music. We've put together a special playlist of songs to educate about a few of the people who made significant contributions to technology, culture, and the quest for justice and equality.

Civics, Podcast


This time on The Children’s Hour, we learn about a profession with the task of informing the public of the truth: Journalism. We will learn from journalists themselves, including two from New Mexico Press Women who let us know what journalists do, and how they are different from paid advertisers. Find out what we can look for to verify the truth of a story. Then we meet Maria Hinojosa, a groundbreaking, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist with a new children’s book about her life.

Lungfish taking a breath of air at the surface of a lake
Podcast, STEM


This week on The Children's Hour, we learn about one of the most ancient animals to live on our planet, that is still alive today: Lungfish.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Divinity Roxx

Divinity Roxx is a Grammy nominee, superstar bassist, and longtime member of Beyoncé's touring band. This time on The Children's Hour, she guest deejays the show, and answers all of our many questions about life as a rockstar.

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