Astronomy begins at home, just looking up and seeing what we see. The Kids Crew meet with Professor Raman Prinja, Head of Astronomy and Physics at University College – London. Professor Prinja’s new book Wonders of the Night Sky details the many celestial sights we can see just by looking up at the sky in our own backyards. Get out of this world with us in a conversation on astrophysics with the Kids Crew.

Exploring the universe and its wonders does not require a spaceship or even a telescope, but just by paying attention and looking up. Professor Raman Prinja, in conversation with the Kids Crew leads us on a journey through what sparked his own curiosity as a child. It was the moon. 



Speaking of the moon, on April 8, 2024 there will be a total eclipse of the sun across a band of North America. Information on the Great North American Eclipse of 2024 can be found at NASA

Professor Prinja teaches us a little about black holes and how astronomers know they are there. He also leads us on an exploration of the composition of our sun, and how solar flares can cause auroras at our planet’s poles. Find out why Europa is one of the most interesting moons in our solar system. There’s even more to explore in his book, and in our conversation!

We also hear a review by our host Katie Stone of Wonders of the Night Sky: Astronomy Starts With Just Looking Up. Spoiler: she loved the book!

This show is packed with information about astronomy, physics, and will spark an interest in just looking up to explore the wonders of the universe. 

North Americans, don’t miss the eclipse in April 2024! It’s a rare sight to behold.

This episode of The Children’s Hour was produced by our Executive Director, Katie Stone, Senior Producer Christina Stella, and Producer Ann Marie Awad. Gus Tafoya wrote our transcript. 

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Constellations drawn onto photo of night sky, depicting Orion the Hunter, among others.

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