Our planet is alive, and not just because it enables life to live here, but also the land on Earth is constantly shifting and moving. This time on The Children’s Hour we learn about our earthquakes from science communicator and geologist, Dr. Wendy Rocks. Then we hear about volcanoes from Dr. Mousumi Roy. We explore what causes earthquakes and volcanoes, and how scientists can (or cannot) predict them. Plus hear a Kids Crew review of a new book about epic mythology: Greeking Out. Let’s get shaking with The Children’s Hour!

What makes our planet livable is also what makes it volatile! We are exploring our planet’s plate tectonics today on The Children’s Hour with two scientists. First, the Kids Crew talk with Dr. Wendy Rocks (aka Dr. Wendy Bohon) about earthquakes. These seismic rumblings are ever-present on Planet Earth, with thousands of quakes happening daily around the globe.

Dr. Wendy Rocks (aka Dr. Wendy Bohon)

Dr. Wendy Rocks illuminates us about why earthquakes are so famously difficult to predict, and how they can be so terribly destructive.

She also urges us all to be prepared for emergencies, no matter what they are. The US Government has a suggested go-kit that every person ought to have handy just in case of natural or other disasters.

Educators and others can bring Dr. Wendy Rocks into their classrooms to learn a lot more by visiting her website.

Earthquakes are not the only way our planet shakes and transforms its earth masses. Volcanoes can appear anywhere on our planet, including springing up from the bottom of the ocean floor. Dr. Mousumi Roy is a professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico specializing in earth sciences. In a conversation with the Kids Crew, Dr. Roy explains how volcanoes erupt, where the magma comes from, and how earthquakes and volcanoes are connected.

Then, Thaniel from our Kids Crew has a comprehensive review of Greeking Out: Epic Retellings of Classic Greek Myths by Kenny Curtis and Jillian Hughes, Illustrated by J. Espila. Based on a podcast of the same name, this National Geographic Kids book is sure to become a favorite.

This episode was produced by our Executive Producer, Katie Stone, with help from Senior Producer Christina Stella. Eli Henley produced our segments with Dr. Wendy Rocks, and Grace Abler penned our transcripts. 

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