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This episode of The Children’s Hour is going to stink, as we learn all about skunks with the founder and director of The Dragoo Institute for the Betterment of Skunks and Skunk Reputations, Dr. Jerry Dragoo. We’ll find out where skunks are found, why they smell, and how to avoid getting sprayed. Dr. Dragoo is a world renowned mephitologist, or biologist who studies skunks.

This episode comes with a hands-on Learn-Along guide which meets and cites US educational content standards for use in the classroom.

Dr. Jerry Dragoo is nose to nose with a striped skunk, smiling.
Photo credit to John MacLean Photography – Thank you John! Find his website at http://johnmaclean.com

The Children’s Hour wanted to learn more about skunks, so we reached out to Dr. Jerry Dragoo, who leads the world’s foremost skunk research clinic, The Dragoo Institute For The Betterment of Skunks and Skunk Reputations. 

As we learn about the important role skunks play in our ecosystem, Dr. Dragoo answers the many questions from our Kids Crew, including how he came to study skunks, and why we should love and not fear them.

Where do skunks live? All four types of skunks can be found in New Mexico, where Dr. Dragoo lives and works, and where The Children’s Hour is from. Skunks do not live oustide North America except in zoos and as pets. Can you imagine having a skunk as a pet? 

Dr. Jerry Dragoo was on the PBS program, Nature talking about skunks. The full episode is called Is That Skunk?

Listen to a musical story from Bill Harley about one skunk who is indomitable until she gets her way, which turns out to be the polite way!

Our guest, Dr. Dragoo appears as a character in the book series A Boy Called Bat. We hear Evan’s book review of the first book of the Bat trilogy.

Here are some videos about the book series A Boy Called Bat for kids who are reading BAT.

This video is for educators who are sharing BAT in the classroom.

Mixed with great music, join us for an episode where you will learn to love the stinkiest mammal in North America.

This episode was produced by Katie Stone, our executive producer. We had production help from Gus Tafoya, and our senior producer, Christina Stella. Lorraine Archibald revised and rewrote our digital curriculum and provided educational oversight. Jonathan Dunski contributed to our learn-along guide.

The Children’s Hour received special support to produce this show from Sandia National Laboratories.

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Playlist Skunks

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The Skunk Says FunkBrent LewisMonkey Hip Gumbo... & Mothball Stew00:55Brent Lewis 2020
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