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A father squatting on the ground in a field with his arms around his two children.
Culture & Music, Podcast, Seasonal

Dad’s Day

We’re celebrating dads for Father’s Day with a musical special. As we think about our fathers, we remember the important role they play in our families, and our lives with their nurturing, love, and care. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads from all of us on The Children’s Hour.

Lungfish taking a breath of air at the surface of a lake
Podcast, STEM


This week on The Children's Hour, we learn about one of the most ancient animals to live on our planet, that is still alive today: Lungfish.

Culture & Music, Podcast, Seasonal

Good Vibes

This time on The Children’s Hour, we immerse ourselves in good vibes with a summer fun soundtrack. We've got brand new Kindie music and a classic Bill Harley story about the terror of the high dive and power of unrequited love. Be uplifted with us!

Water Treatment facility
Civics, Podcast, STEM

Water Treatment

This week on The Children’s Hour, where does our tap water come from, and where does it end up when we flush or wash it down the drain? We learn about Water Treatment with the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority's education director, Erin Keck. Our water system is circular, from the Rio Grande and back again. In the meantime, it goes through pipes to homes, and down the drains when it's dirty. How do they clean it for drinking, and then clean it again after it's gross? And what role do tardigrades play?

Podcast, Social & Emotional Life

Keeping Our Cool

This time on The Children's Hour, we learn strategies to keep our cool with Michelle Renee Pelletier, who teaches kids how to meditate using guided imagery.  Then we'll meet Evan, a 10 year old who was taught mindfulness at school with Families 4 Peace's instructor, Scott Cameron.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Kid Pan Alley

We're joined this time on The Children's Hour by Paul and Cheryl Reisler from Kid Pan Alley, who have written more than 2,500 songs with more than 70,000 children over the last 30 years.

Learning Guide, Podcast, STEM

The Moon

Get out of this world this week with The Children's Hour! We're going to The Moon with Commander Reid Wiseman from NASA’s Artemis 2 mission. The Bad Astronomer, Dr. Phil Plait teaches us how the moon was formed, and we learn what happens to the lunar rocks back on Earth from Dr. Chip Sharer. Comes with a learning guide - and mixed with great music.

Evan's first Junior Ranger badge at Aztec Ruins National Monument
Civics, Podcast, STEM

Protecting Earth

It's Earth Day on The Children's Hour, and we meet Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez (NM) who explains how National Parks and National Wilderness areas are created. Kids can play a big part! Then, Evan tells us about the Junior Ranger program. Biologists and authors Lily and Barbara Kingsolver share about their new book, Coyote's Wild Home. Learn with us!

Podcast, STEM

Backyard Wildlife

What's wild about your backyard? This time on The Children's Hour we explore creating a wild backyard, and what to do with injured wild animals we may find.

Culture & Music, Literacy, Podcast, Social & Emotional Life

The Poet Within

This time on The Children’s Hour, New Mexico Poet Laureate Lauren Camp inspires us to find our poet within, putting our feelings, thoughts, stories and ideas into words to create our own poetry. Featuring poems read by Bob Odenkirk, Joy Harjo, and others, we celebrate poetry and explore our own poet within each one of us.

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