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Category: Podcast

Frogs & Toads

This time on The Children’s Hour, we learn about frogs and toads, with Senior Zoologist of the ABQ Biopark Zoo’s Amphibians and Reptiles, Josh Butler.

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The US Senate

Learn all about the United States Senate on this edition of The Children’s Hour. We’ll visit with New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich in an interview

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Leaping Lemurs

This time on The Children’s Hour we’re leaping into learning about lemurs with Faye Goodwin, an educator at the Duke Lemur Center. Find out how

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Making ¢ent$ of Money

This week on The Children’s Hour, we try to make sense of money with Dr. Reilly White from the University of New Mexico, Associate Professor

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Twinkle Time

This week on The Children’s Hour, we’re joined by the Lady Gaga of children’s music, Twinkle! She’s an award winning, bilingual children’s musician, performer, voice actress

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Kids Save The World

This week on The Children’s Hour meet kids who are standing up to demand adults take action on the issues that directly impact their lives.

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