We showcase some of the best of 2023 for kids music. The Kids Crew is joined by guests Bob Odenkirk and his daughter Erin Odenkirk. Their book Zilot & Other Important Rhymes is our pick for the best book of 2023 for children. Celebrate the best of 2023 with The Children’s Hour.

It’s the end of a year, and the Kids Crew visits with Bob and Erin Odenkirk about their new book Zilot & Other Important Rhymes. Our conversation, and the book’s poems are both laughable, on purpose!

Erin Odenkirk, illustrator and her dad Bob Odenkirk, author

Poetry begins at home, and in the home of the Odenkirks, it happened every single night. Bob Odenkirk and his kids wrote a poem a day for years, creating a family notebook that sat on the bookshelf next to Dr. Seuss and other books.

Over time the notebook filled, and the family had to start adding loose leaf papers. The poems were adapted into the book Zilot during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.


Thorfin from our Kids Crew reviews Zilot & Other Rhymes. He ranks the book on The Children’s Hour Green Chili Book Rating Scale of 1 to 5 chilis. Thorfin describes what the book is like, and who he thinks will enjoy it.

Throughout this episode we are playing a few of the songs we loved the most that were released in 2023. The world of Kindie music was full of excellence this year. While we play quite a few tunes, this show is by no means a complete list. Find lots of amazing music on our other episodes of The Children’s Hour.

We play most of the Grammy nominees for 2024, along with other tunes that engage and inspire kids and families.


This episode of The Children’s Hour was recorded at the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The show was produced by our Executive Director, Katie Stone and our Senior Producer Christina Stella. Chad Scheer engineered at Outpost, and Gus Tafoya wrote our transcript. Many thanks to Bob and Erin Odenkirk for joining us on The Children’s Hour. 

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Playlist: Best of 2023

Little MushroomPierce Freelon & Nnenna FreelonAnceStars
Dare to Be Me (feat. The Happy Racers)Kaci BollsDare to Be Me (feat. The Happy Racers) - Single
Photo AlbumCrowanderSweet and Joyful
Calling You Up (feat. Z'maji & Kymberly Stewart)Uncle JumboTaste the Sky
Spinny WheelKetsaSpinny Wheel single
Sing It Out (feat. Regina Carter, Oran Etkin, Cheryl B. Engelhardt, SaulPaul, Divinity Roxx & Kymberly Stewart)Joanie LeedsFreadom: Songs Inspired by Banned Children's Books (feat. Regina Carter, Oran Etkin, Cheryl B. Engelhardt, SaulPaul & Divinity Roxx)
Growing UpAndrew & PollyAhhhhh!
New LeafMarsha and the PositronsNew Leaf - Single
Rainbow Architecture.aifPodington BearYearning
Button MushroomsPodington BearYearning
The Volunteers Are Here!DJ WILLY WOW!Hip Hope For Kids!
Kindness RocksMr. T and FriendsSongs from Home - EP
Spread More Love (feat. Young Folk & Little Miss Ann)Suzi SheltonSpread More Love (feat. Young Folk & Little Miss Ann) - Single

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