When we witness someone being bullied, sometimes we just want to tell them to “Back off, Bully!” But that’s not always easy, or a safe thing to do. On this edition of The Children’s Hour, we learn about bystander intervention with Hollaback educators. The Kids Crew find out what are the 5 D’s which give us tools to best respond when someone is being bullied.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The Five D’s of bystander intervention are: Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, and Direct. We explore each of these on the show, and iHollaback has created a series of videos for children ages 3 to 10 to explain the 5 Ds.

There’s also bully bystander education available for teens and adults, in schools or the workplace. Find more resources at iHollaback.org.

This show is mixed with excellent music!

Playlist Back Off Bully

StereotypeThe Happy RacersSingle2021 SpinBoxClub02:27
Be a PainAlastair MoockBe a Pain - An Album for Young (And Old) Leaders2020 Alastair Moock03:55
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Bully BubbaUncle Brothers, TheBig Bully - The Best Foot Forward Children's Music Series from Recess Music2011 Big Round Records02:38
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You Hurt My FeelingsTroubadourAre We Almost There?1999 A Gentle Wind03:42
Don't Laugh at MeThe Mosaic Project, featuring Brett DennenChildren's Songs for Peace and a Better World (feat. Brett Dennen)2003 The Mosaic Project03:37
I Hear EchoesKetsaSingle2020 Ketsa Reiki Music01:20
Can You ImagineLeslie BixlerBig Bully - The Best Foot Forward Children's Music Series from Recess Music2011 Big Round Records03:42
Please Stop Hurting My FeelingsMike SolowayHungry for Manners - Songs of Kindness, Politeness and Love2005 Pug Records02:43
Stand Up for YouAlphabet RockersRise Shine #Woke2017 School Time Music LLC02:50
Stand Up to the BullyThe HipwadersThe Hipwaders2005 The Hipwaders02:40
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