This episode of The Children’s Hour will bug you! We get bugged with the ABQ Biopark’s Curator of Entomology, Jason Schaller. Jason’s passion for insects is infectious. We explore Jason’s stand out, favorite bugs around North America region by region. Plus we hear from the kids in the Extinction Diaries about the plight of insects around the world. Mixed with great music, jokes, and plenty of kids commentary to entertain and educate children of all ages.

Bombadier beetle

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03:39RiseIsolde FairRise - Single2020 Isolde Fair
02:20Bill of (Your) RightsRhythm, Rhyme, ResultsSocial Studies Disc 1Educational Rap
04:33Big Guns DownEasy Big FellaSkanarchy III1997 Elevator Music
02:45I Was Born Almost Ten Thousand Years AgoDan ZanesParades and Panoramas - 25 Songs Collected By Carl Sandburg for the American Songbag2004 Sister Barbara Music (ASCAP)
02:48Soldier's JoyLaura VeirsTumble Bee2011 Raven Marching Band
03:53Animals in DangerJohnny and the RaindropsSongs for Little Learners2016 Raindrops Recordings
02:46This Pretty Planet (feat. The Little Earth School)Andy MasonThis Pretty Planet (feat. The Little Earth School) - Single2018 Limousine Music Co. & the Last Music Co.
03:04De ColoresThe Lucky BandPaseo Lunar2020 Rainy Day Dimes Music
02:25Passengers (Farewell)Peter Lenton and FriendsProud Like a Mountain (Deluxe Version)2010 Peter Jonathan Lenton
02:00The EndJoe WestIf The World Was Upside DownJoe West
03:45Around This Town (feat. Mo Phillips & Aaron Nigel Smith)Red YarnBackyard Bop2020 Red Yarn Productions

Below are photos of the insects mentioned on the show. In order from left to right, top to bottom, these are: Elephant Stag Beetle, Luna Moth, Regal Moth, Hickory Horn Devil (Regal moth caterpillar), Hawk Moth, Atlas Moth, Eastern Hercules Beetle, Two Stripe Stick Insect, Rain Beetle, Giant Silk Moth, Bombardier Beetle, Tarantula Hawk Wasp

Elephant Stag Beetle

Luna Moth

Regal Moth

Hickory Horned Devil

Hawk Moth

Atlas Moth

Eastern Hercules Beetle

Two Stripe Stick Insect

Rain Beetle

Giant Silk Moth

Bombardier Beetle

Tarantula Hawk Wasp (New Mexico’s State Insect)