This week on The Children’s Hour, kids take on Covid-19. We talk with Dr. Anthony Fleg from UNM Family Practice and the Native Health Initiative, and he offers his tips for reducing our stress and anxiety.

A child on zoom talking with a teacher

Plus kids from our listening audience and crew share how they’re coping with being out of school, and practicing social distancing. We also hear from a school social worker Ruth Graunke about strategies to stay calm in crisis, and we visit with Alice Lu McCoy, from the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council about making an extra effort to connect with kids and adults who are living in residential facilities.

Visit Ruth Graunke’s webpage with tips and strategies for helping kids cope with the repercussions of Covid-19.

Learn more about the NMDDPC #SmilesAcrossMiles program.

This site has tons of great information on talking with kids about Covid-19.

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