Get into the world groove with The Children’s Hour as we explore global music for kids. We hear some radio debuts of songs that teach, inspire, and entertain, performed by musicians from around the world. Join us for a musical exploration of global music for kids!

Music around the world inspires, educates and gets our bodies moving. We hear many songs illustrating the diversity of global music, including a lullaby out of Ukrainian quartet, DakhaBrakha. 

The United States Poet Laureate of 2019 – 2022, Joy Harjo, the first Indigenous American to hold that position. Not only is she an amazing poet, she is also an accomplished musician. Hear her perform her poem Remember with world renowned oud master, Rahim AlHaj, an Iraqi refugee living in New Mexico.

We also get captivated by the bizarre sounds of the mouth harp, as performed by a Mongolian folk band, and then we hear a traditional Tuvan song demonstrating the haunting, whistling of overtone singing.

There is a lot more music on this show highlighting children’s musicians, kid performers, and music to inspire children to learn more about our world and the amazing people who live on this planet. Celebrate Kids Global Music with us on The Children’s Hour!

This episode was written and produced by Katie Stone, with help from our Senior Producer, Christina Stella. Many thanks to the musicians who share their work with us to help educate children about diversity, culture, and celebrate our differences.

© 2023 The Children’s Hour Inc.


Playlist: Kids Global Music

Our StreetFormidable VegetableGarbage Guts - EP
Tararum PumpumFaluFalu's Bazaar
Footie Footie (Tom Hark) [feat. Paul Petersen]The Zig ZagsFootie Footie (Tom Hark) [feat. Paul Petersen] - Single
Morning LightDakha BrakhaMorning Light - Single
Soft InspirationScott Holmes MusicInspiring Background Music
BerceuseLokua KanzaStory of the Sky
RememberJoy HarjoI Pray for My Enemies
Zuni Friendship SongChester MahootyTalking Spirits
Repne, KalinkeFolk ScatFolk Scat
Epo I Tai Tai ENico & MorlunahWorld Music Party!
Chen Wen Wen Chona - PolkaElvin Kelly y Los ReyesWaila!
Alo AloMarisaBrazilian Playground
Boys and GirlsJoe And Marcia (Higgs) TogetherRoots Combination
Taniets olieniavariousBuryat, Mongolian, Tuva And Yakut Songs And Music
Shutlivaia TuvinskaiaVariousBuryat, Mongolian, Tuva And Yakut Songs And Music
Bongo BongManu ChaoThe Next Best Thing (Music from the Motion Picture)
Allez allez allezCamilleIlo Veyou

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