This time on The Children’s Hour, we explore imagination, boredom, and the benefits of both. Our special guests, Kids Imagine Nation are a band out of California who specialize in making the imaginary seem real. Their playful music will get you dancing!

Kids Imagine Nation

Then we explore “down time” in a poem about doing nothing by Jack Prelutsky. Are you bored? Find out the purpose of boredom, and learn how to make repetitive tasks more fun by playing tricks on your brain!

All of this is mixed with music to ignite the imaginations of our listeners everywhere!

Playlist Kids Imagine

Kenya Imagine? (feat. Jennifer Kimball)Alastair MoockAll Kinds of You and Me2015 Alastair Moock04:58
Imagine ThatBig Block SingsongGreatest Hits, Vol. 42019 Goddard/Brown Inc.01:49
Be a DinosaurKids Imagine NationFuture Dinosaur - Single2021 Kids Imagine Nation Records01:41
ImaginationKids Imagine NationImagination - Single2020 Kids Imagine Nation Records02:56
Best Party EverKids Imagine NationBest Day Ever2021 Apex Arts Music02:32
Dream StrollKetsaSingle2022 Dominic Giam01:00
We Need No Excuse for Dreaming (feat. Jevon McGlory)Kid Pan AlleyOne Little Song Can Change the World2017 Kid Pan Alley, Inc.04:28
Today Will Be a Great Day (feat. Isaac Robinson-Smith & Kaitlyn Robrock)Kids Imagine NationBest Day Ever2021 Apex Arts Music04:57
Let's ImagineLouis and Dan and the Invisible BandLet's Imagine2019 Louis and Dan and the Invisible Band02:45
Simple ValeBlue Dot SessionsCauldron2018 Blue Dot Sessions00:53
Song About Nothing (feat. Nick Granville)Chris Lam SamSilly Funny Songs for Kids!2020 Chris Lam Sam03:06
Circus ThemeWelcome to BohemiaWelcome to Bohemia1996 Welcome to Bohemia01:37
ImaginationPlay DateImagination2012 PLAY DATE04:32
Slow Slow SkyBlue Dot SessionsFeathers - EP2015 Blue Dot Sessions02:18
My Piano From BenaresJean Tobaa land where the poets dream2022 Jean Toba00:44
DreamerGreen Chile Jam BandMagic Bike1997 Green Chili Jam/Newsound03:34
Go SlowThe Okee Dokee BrothersSongs for Singin'2020 Okee Dokee Music LLC02:57
The RiverAaron Nigel Smith & Red YarnSmith & Yarn2022 Aya World Productions / Red Yarn's Notebook02:17