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This week on The Children’s Hour we’ll explore New Zealand through stories and songs, and in conversation with our friends, Kiwi musicians Lucy Hiku from Itty Bitty Beats, and Claudia Robin Gunn. One lives on the north island, and the other on the South Island!

This episode comes with a free Learning Guide that meets and cites US National Education Standards!

We’ll learn about New Zealand’s unique geography, climate, landscape, wildlife, and culture. Expect to hear all New Zealander music, in both English and Maori.

Celebrate the unique culture, landscape, flora and fauna of New Zealand with us. From kiwi birds to Kākāpō, there’s a lot to learn.

You can learn a lot more about New Zealand in our Learn-Along Guide that’s posted above. This guide meets and cites US National Education Standards, and will expand on what we explored today on the show.

This episode was produced by Katie Stone, our Executive Producer, with help from our Senior Producer, Christina Stella. Producer Diana Baron Moore contributed to this episode. Our Learn-Along Guides are written by Lorraine Archibald, with help from Jonathan Dunski. Many thanks to Claudia Robin Gunn and Itty Bitty Beats for being with us on the show.

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Playlist Kiwi Land

Rise & Shine (Good Morning Song)Itty Bitty BeatsRise & Shine (Good Morning Song) - Single
PineapplefleaBITE & Itty Bitty BeatsSnakes Alive (It's Fleabite 5)
KiwiChanelle & FriendsThe Little Green Turtle and Other Songs for Kids!
Now Is the Hour (Arr. for Solo Piano)Iain FarringtonThe Christopher Norton Pacific Preludes Collection
Whales and Dolphins of AotearoaClaudia Robin GunnWhales and Dolphins of Aotearoa - Single
How Far Is a Lightyear (Solar System Song) [Instrumental]Claudia Robin GunnHow Far is a Lightyear - Single
Tiki and the Tui - by Apriana TaylorApriana TaylorRadio New Zealand: The Best of Storytime
Floating Down the RiverSimon StanleyFloating Down the River - Single
A Haka MaAnika MoaSongs for Bubbas, Vol. 2
Stars Dreaming of Stars (Instrumental)Claudia Robin GunnStars Dreaming of Stars - Single
KakapoKath BeeKakapo - Single
The HakaNew Zealand SingersSongs Of New Zealand
Spin Your Poi (feat. Levity Beet & Lu & Tu)SpinpoiSpin Your Poi (feat. Levity Beet & Lu & Tu) - Single
Guardians of PapatuanukuLoopy Tunes Preschool Music & Ana FaauGuardians of Papatuanuku - Single
Haere Mai SongAnna van RielHaere Mai Song - Single