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Who’s hooting? On this episode of The Children’s Hour, we learn all about owls! 

More than 200 species of owls live around the world. Maybe you have had the experience like some of our Kids Crew, of seeing owls in the wild? If you want to learn more about these interesting creatures, this episode is for you!

This show was inspired by Mrs. Monica Charles’s 2nd grade class from Coronado Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The class shares their owl research, discuss findings from dissecting owl pellets, and teach us why owls are so important, how to keep them protected, and much more! Images provided by Mrs. Charles.

Young owl in nest cavity. Image source

We also learn from our special guests from the Owl Research Institute, in Charlo, Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Denver Holt is founder and president, and Beth Mendelsohn, research biologist at the institute who focuses on North American Owls. We hear about all of the incredible projects of the institute; including supporting year round field research of wild owls, organizing outreach and events to teach the public, and working towards conservation to help protect owls.

As promised on the show, here are links to live owl cameras, where you can see species such as the Arctic Snowy Owl and the Great Horned Owl. Below see the live camera feed of a Long-Eared Owl nest. At the Owl Research Institute site find highlights of exciting footage moments, facts about the owls, and weather information.

Image source

We learn some incredible facts about owls including how they migrate, breed, communicate, and hunt. We get to hear about their features such as their sharp talons and beaks, ginormous eyes, being nocturnal, and the peculiar ways that they turn their head. 

Katie and the Kids Crew ask our guests some of these interesting questions, hear the show to find out the answers!

How long do owls live?

What kind of homes to owls live in?

Who are an owls main predators?

How come so many different species of owls evolved?

Did owls live among dinosaurs?


This episode was produced by Katie Stone, our Executive Producer, with production help from Senior Producer Christina Stella, producer Gus Tafoya, recording engineer Chad Scheer, and Educator Lorraine Archibald. We want to give special thanks to the second grade students in Mrs. Charles classroom at Coronado Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico for their inspiring research and writing on owls.


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