This time on The Children’s Hour, we learn about parasites. What makes a creature a parasite, and how do parasites find their hosts? Parasitologists Dr. Matt Bolek, Associate Professor of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University, and Dr. Sarah Bush, Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Utah join our Kids Crew for a lively discussion.

A person with Dracunculiasis from the dreaded Guinea Fire Worm

Explore different types of parasites, including the dreaded and dangerous Guinea Fire Worm. Are viruses parasites, and are viruses even living organisms or are they just a collection of chemicals? We plunge into this controversy and more with the Kids Crew.

Coronavirus: is it alive or just a collection of chemicals?

Mixed with great music, discover more than you ever knew about parasites with us this week!

Playlist: Parasites

My Cat's Got FleasAndy MasonPlay It Again!2009 Andy Mason02:59
MitesArtichokeMites - Single2021 Timothy Sellers03:07
Dust MiteCaspar BabypantsMore Please!2009 Aurora Elephant Music02:17
Spaghetti Worms & MeatballsYosiWhat's Eatin' Yosi?2006 Yosi Music, LLC02:16
Tribal ReunionBrent LewisMonkey Hip Gumbo & Mothball Stew2015 Brent Lewis02:00
Diet of WormsGunnar MadsenI Am Your Food2018 Gee, Spot! Records04:42
VirusfleaBITEBITE ME2018 Fleabite02:38
Germs'Weird Al' YankovicRunning With Scissors1999 Volcano Entertainment III, L.L.C.04:37
Wash Your HandsThe Happy RacersWash Your Hands - Single2020 SpinBoxClub00:53
Crawling Down WallsKrackatoaDining on Backs of the Brave2018 886269 Records DK00:40
Instrumental by Marlon MagdalenaMarlon MagdalenaThe Children's Hour - LIVE2020 The Children's Hour Inc.00:43
There Ain't No Bugs On MeDavid Grisman & Jerry GarciaNot for Kids Only1993 Acoustic Disc04:38
ParasitesDaniel Kahn & The Painted BirdPartisans & Parasites2009 Oriente Musik OHG05:55

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