The Kids Crew is joined by Charles Bergman who is a writer, photographer, and speaker and longtime professor at Pacific Lutheran University. He also wrote Every Penguin in the World: A Quest to See Them All.

We learn about different species of penguins, their habits, and more interesting facts!

There are 15 other species of penguins in the world, some of which are critically endangered. But, all penguins are on thin ice. Overfishing, changing ocean temperatures, and pollution threaten their survival. 

We also find out about penguins’ unique taste buds, and we learn from the Extinction Diaries about the rate of extinction on land versus in the oceans.

Learn more:

How can you help protect penguins? Find out at the Global Penguin Society:

Map of penguin distribution:

All this plus more interesting penguin facts and chill penguin themed music!

This show was produced by Katie Stone, with help from Marci Krivonen. Mauro Oliviera produces Extinction Diaries, and A Moment of Science is produced by WFIU. 

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Penguins Playlist

Thank You UniverseThe Oot n' ootsThank You Universe - Single03:24 2020 Independent
Penguin LamentFive for FightingSandra Boynton's Dog Train03:33 2005 Boynton Recordings
Persevering Penguins and PalsRolie Polie GuacamolePersevering Penguins and Pals - Single03:08 2019 Rolie Polie Guacamole
Penguin and Sea LionEl ZoologicoSilly Songs01:03El Zoologico
PenguinsLittle Feet MusicJump Around01:52 2011 Rachel Parkinson
Penguin DayGustafer YellowgoldMany Hands - Family Music for Haiti02:43 2010 Spare the Rock Records LLC
When a Penguin Moves to CaliforniaCaspar BabypantsKeep It Real!02:50 2018 Aurora Elephant Music
Reggae WalkSoul DefendersSoul Defenders At Studio One00:30 2015 Studio One
Fairy Penguin StrutDon SpencerDon Spencer Classics with the Orchestra02:30 1997 Don Spencer Music
Rock Penguin HopMaria SangioloUnder the Mystic Sea02:34 2007 Raging River Records
Your Personal PenguinDavy JonesSandra Boynton's Blue Moo02:57 2007 Boynton Recordings
Learn from NatureRhythm ChildDrum Circle Sing-a-Long03:20 2009 The Rhythm Child Network
Where There Is Love (feat. Raffi)Lindsay MunroeFrogs And Birds02:05 2021 Troubadour Music Inc., Under exclusive license to Craft Recordings. Distributed by Concord.

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