This week on The Children’s Hour, how do you play? We sent kid reporters knee-deep into a living video game to find out what that’s like, and we meet toy and history maker, Dr. Lisa, who’s creating multicultural dolls to represent kids of all shapes and colors.  The Fresh Dolls help kids see themselves in their toys. Play along with us! We’ve got great music and so much more!

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Apples Peaches Pumpkin PieBrave ComboPolkasonic
I Love Rainy DaysDaniel TashianI Love Rainy Days
Mr TemboDamon AlbarnEveryday Robots (Special Edition)
Noodles and ButterCaspar BabypantsFlying High!
Video GameJon SamsonAgeless: Songs for the Child Archetype
I Am Enough (feat. The Singing Bois)Alphabet RockersThe Love
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