This time on The Children’s Hour, it’s a full hour of stories and story-songs with authors Todd Parr and Michelle Adam, and many more. We hear stories from Bill Harley, Joanne Shenandoah, and song stories throughout the program. This episode takes us on adventures to new worlds and ideas. Join us while we tell you stories this time on The Children’s Hour.

We hear from many storytellers in song throughout this episode including Bill Harley with his Monster in the Bathroom story-song, Outta The Books, Laurie Berkner, Steve Charney, the Story Pirates, and Saul Paul. Joanne Shenandoah who tells us the story of Three Sisters: Corn, Beans & Squash.

Storyteller and author of Adventures of Duende in the Ocean, Michelle Adam tells us a Duende story in our studio. Duende is based on a bilingual storybook about an elf who takes a boy on a journey into the ocean.

The kids also interview Todd Parr, beloved author of more than 60 books for children of all ages. He shares what motivates him to write books for babies and kids, and he shares a little from one of his latest works.

On the bank of the Gila River, a mom is pointing to the right and her two young sons are on either side of her looking in the direction she is pointing. They are on the gravel bank against a cliff with the Gila River on the right side of them, twisting away into the distance up the frame.

This episode was recorded and produced at the Sunspot Solar Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Christina Stella is our Senior Producer, Katie Stone is our Executive Producer. Many thanks to Michelle Adam & Todd Parr for being with us on the show.

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One Bad AppleOutta The BooksOutta the Books (Original Cast Soundtrack)
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DutiligiMello CConcept Beats, Vol. 4: Nobaraso - EP
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Once Upon a TimeSaulPaulBe the Change
One More StoryClaudia Robin GunnLittle Wild Lullabies (Sleepy Instrumentals)

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