Iconic photo by Joe Rosenthal showing the raising of the United States flag over Iwo Jima.

Get out of this world this week with The Children’s Hour! We’re going to The Moon with Commander Reid Wiseman from NASA’s Artemis 2 mission. The Bad Astronomer, Dr. Phil Plait teaches us how the moon was formed, and we learn what happens to the lunar rocks back on Earth from Dr. Chip Sharer. Comes with a learning guide – and mixed with great music.

This episode comes with a free Learning Guide that meets and cites US National Education Standards!

Coming up on The Children’s Hour, we’re going to the moon. Our guests include The Bad Astronomer, Dr. Phil Plait who explains how the moon was formed in a conversation with Kids Crewmember, Thaniel and Katie.

Then we meet the Commander of NASA’s Artemis 2 mission, astronaut Reid Wiseman. He tells us about the mission, and what it’s like to live in space after living on the International Space Station.

Dr. Chip Shearer is a planetary geologist who studies the rock and soil samples brought back from the moon at the University of New Mexico’s Institute of Meteoritics. He explains what they learn from those.

We also learn about blue moons from Dr. Crawford MacCallum, from an episode of The Children’s Hour recorded in 2005!  

Today’s show was produced by Christina Stella and Katie Stone. Lorraine Archibald is our Education Director and writes our learning guides. Chad Scheer provided engineering at Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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Playlist: The Moon

Moon Landing!Turtle Dance MusicSpace (The Cosmos for Kids!)
Why Is the Moon Following Me?Billy KellyThe Family Garden
Going to the MoonKey Wilde & Mr. ClarkeRise and Shine
You Will Go To the MoonMoxy FruvousYou Will Go To the Moon
LinenPodington BearSolo Instruments
Howl to the MoonLucy Kalantari & the Jazz CatsAll the Sounds
Moon Meets the Sun (feat. Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah & Allison Russell)Our Native DaughtersSongs of Our Native Daughters
The Big PictureClaudia Robin GunnLittle Wild Universe (Instrumentals)
I See the MoonGreg BrownBath Tub Blues
Claire de LuneSusie TallmanClassical Baby
The Moon Is Made of CheeseDanny WeinkaufNo School Today
Floating in SpacePodington BearDaydream
Looking for the MoonThe Re-BopsWHAT IS IT? Musical Math & Science
Fly Me To the MoonRalph's WorldAt the Bottom of the Sea

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