Learn all about the United States Senate on this edition of The Children’s Hour. We’ll visit with New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich in an interview he says is “a lot harder than I get from CNN.”

Senator Martin Heinrich – NM

The Kids Crew learn about his job, how he knows what his constituents want, and what he’s doing about the climate crisis.

Then, Zen and Amadeus sit down with their Aunt Elsa, a staffer on Senator Heinrich’s team. We learn about the filibuster, what happens day to day in a Senator’s office, and what it’s like to be on the staff.

This show is mixed with excellent music, and it’s a great way to learn more about US Civics.

Learn More:

The US Senate Educational Page: The website Senate.gov has many resources to learn more.

Books: The US Senate list of books for kids about government. 

The Florida Case before the Electoral Commission
(1879) Cornelia Adèle Strong Fassett (1831 – 1898)

Learn more and take a quiz: Ducksters teaches about the Senate too.

The US Senate Playlist

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