This time on The Children’s Hour we learn about two of the most endangered big wild cats: tigers and snow leopards. The Kids Crew visit with the Senior Carnivore Keeper at the ABQ Biopark, Casey Taylor who teaches us basic tiger facts, and what is stressing them in the wild. We also hear from Sarah Fogel at the World Wildlife Fund about how each one of us can impact conservation of tigers in our everyday purchases.

Tiger at ABQ Biopark

Snow leopards are elusive and difficult to study. Marissa Niranjan from the Snow Leopard Trust explains the unique challenges these big cats face as their range and numbers in the wild are greatly diminished. Learn more!

Tigers & Snow Leopards

To research snow leopards, scientists study high resolution photographs of the mountains in their range to track and study the cats’ movements, family groups, and hunting patterns. Can you spot the snow leopard(s) in these photos?

Mixed with great music, learn about tigers and snow leopards with The Children’s Hour!

Playlist - Tigers & Snow Leopards

What Kind of Cat Are You?!Billy JonasWhat Kind of Cat Are You?2002 Bang-A-Bucket03:33
Tiger In My BackyardSugar Free AllstarsFunky Fresh and Sugar Free2010 Wiser Music03:58
The Tiger SongPress Play Picture HouseThe Tiger Song - Single2019 Arkbo Music Publishing02:22
Nilo Azul (En Directo con La Banda Negra)WafirNilo Azul2002 Nubenegra01:10
Her Name Is Little GrowlMark Oblinger & Steve BartaJumpinJazz kids : a swinging jungle tale2012 JumpinJazz Kids04:28
A ThoughtPodington BearPositive2014 HUSH01:50
Sammy der Tiger (feat. Donikkl)RandaleSammy der Tiger (feat. Donikkl) - Single2022 Newtone03:09
Snow LeopardsAl SnyderZoo Key Songs2005 al snyder00:33
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A Kid for the WildWalkin' Jim StoltzA Kid for the Wild1990 Wild Wind Records02:33
A Tiger and a Monkey and MeTrout Fishing In AmericaBig Round World2008 Trout Fishing in America03:32