This week on The Children’s Hour, ’tis the season for the flu and colds, but some of the sicknesses that kids get can be prevented with vaccinations. Dr. William Dehority from UNM Pediatrics Division of Infectious Diseases educates us all about vaccinations. Why do we use vaccines, and what diseases do they prevent? How do they work? Are vaccinations safe and effective? Dr. Dehority explains the myths and rumors about vaccination.

Dr. Walter Doherity, UNM Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics

Links & Curriculum

Dr. Dehority talked about the Center For Disease Control’s Vaccination page. Click here for that page.

Dr. Dehority also mentioned the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital Vaccine Education Center for more info.

UNM Pediatrics Division of Infectious Disease has more information.

Teachers and parents can use the free curriculum at the Vaccine Makers site with specialized lessons for elementary, middle and high school students.