Katie Stone

Gratitude Is An Attitude

This week on The Children’s Hour we have an interview with Ziggy Marley, a book review and we learn about a rediscovered chameleon that was thought to be extinct.

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Science Fiction

This week on The Children’s Hour, we explore the genre of science fiction with our musical friends from Ramah, New Mexico, MeriDean. This type of

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This week on The Children’s Hour, we explore Puppets with a tribute to one of the master puppeteers on Sesame Street, The Muppets, Star Wars

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Practicing Peace

How do we stay calm and centered during times of anxiety, and how do we practice being peaceful? The Children’s Hour Kids Crew explore strategies

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Pandemic Halloween

What could be more spooky than a pandemic Halloween? The Kids Crew are joined by Drs. Bop ‘n Pop, who are on a mission to

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On this episode of The Children’s Hour, the Kids Crew talk with an exoplanetologist, Dr. Diana Dragomir. We discover what an exoplanet is, and how astronomers

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