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Culture & Music, Podcast


On this show, we had a live concert in studio with Recycleman, Kevin Kinane who recruits every person in the room to be part of the band. Then a local Girl Scout Troop will tell us why and how kindness rocks.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Supernatural New Mexico

New Mexico isn't just home to spectacular natural wonders, it's also home to many supernatural wonders. This week we'll be joined by kids from Jimmy Carter Middle School's Junior National Honors Society for a lesson about the strange phenomenon around our state, from UFOs to the Chupacabra, find out where ghosts live in Albuquerque, and hear the tale of La Llorona.

Health, Podcast

Media Literacy

What does it mean to be media literate? How can you tell when you are being advertised to as you watch television or movies? This show was originally broadcast in 2002 with the late, legendary Bob McCannon, who was an expert in educating kids about being media savvy.

Civics, Podcast

Privacy and Kids

We hear a lot about privacy in the news, but what is it? Do kids have the right to their privacy? How can kids preserve their privacy online, and what difference does it make anyway?  The ACLU New Mexico explains privacy on this episode of The Children’s Hour. Understand privacy in the digital era, especially as it affects children.  Plus, learn about one of the founders of the ACLU, Helen Keller.

Podcast, STEM

Endangered Species

On this edition of The Children’s Hour, we learned about endangered animals with our friends from Jimmy Carter Middle School in Albuquerque.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Rippy And The Sillyettes

This week we had a live performance from the band Rippy and the Sillyettes from Gallup, New Mexico. The girls in the band performed their original music, including a song about the late Ashlynne Mike.

Podcast, STEM


July 2016 marked the 16th month in a row of record setting high temperatures across the planet, including in New Mexico. National Weather Service meteorologist Kerry Jones joined the Kids Crew and Katie on The Children’s Hour to talk about the weather.

Health, Podcast

Helper Dogs

The Children's Hour crew welcomed into the studios our furry friends and their human companions from Assistance Dogs of the West. From picking up pencils to making way in a crowd for their charge, we learned all about the important jobs helper dogs do, how they learn these things, and how kids can be a part of it.

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