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Sing-a-long With Andy Mason

This week on The Children's Hour we have sing-a-long holiday music with Andy Mason from Santa Fe, New Mexico in a with The Children's Hour kids crew and Katie Stone. Andy will play his tune that won the "Best Children's Song" at the New Mexico Music Awards. Also, hear the world debut of Milla Marmaras' song "Christmas Means Giving." The Kids Crew picked holiday music that's sure to warm your heart on a cold morning.

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Storyriders & Our Children’s Trust

This week on The Children's Hour we learn about how some Albuquerque 4th and 5th graders are riding bikes to learn literacy and cultural education through a special after school program called Story Riders. We also got an update from Our Children's Trust about the children who are suing the Federal Government for not doing enough to curb climate change, and violating the civil rights of children across our nation.

Civics, Podcast

Treasuring Our Money

This week on The Children's Hour we learn what a treasurer does. Bernalillo County Treasurer Nancy Bearce explains her work. It's more than just collecting property taxes. Find out how a government treasurer's work impacts every person in the district, including kids.

Also John Lanza, author of The Art of Allowance, explains how kids can be treasurers for themselves, and how parents can help. Find out how much kids should be saving, spending and sharing and how simple tools like clear glass jars can help kids develop money smart management to last a lifetime.

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Kids and Vaccinations

This week on The Children's Hour, 'tis the season for the flu and colds, but some of the sicknesses that kids get can be prevented with vaccinations. Dr. William Dehority from UNM Pediatrics Division of Infectious Diseases educates us all about vaccinations. Why do we use vaccines, and what diseases do they prevent? How do they work? Are vaccinations safe and effective? Dr. Dehority explains the myths and rumors about vaccination.

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Healthy Food Choices

Healthy food choices can seem to be hard to make, but nutritionist Patricia Keane from UNM's Prevention Research Center has info on how to find the right balance for kids. With nearly 2 in 5 New Mexican children who don't know where they'll get their next meal, you can be part of the solution to childhood hunger nationwide.

Songs of a NM Childhood - Photo By Russell Lee LS1
Culture & Music, History, Podcast

Songs of a New Mexican Childhood

This week on The Children's Hour, traditional Southwest Hispanic folk music includes many beloved children’s songs. An expert in New Mexico folklore and music, Dr. Enrique LaMadrid shares songs and their stories of a traditional New Mexican childhood. Sing along with us!

Civics, Podcast

How Do Elections Work?

This week on The Children’s Hour, we learn how elections work with Bernalillo County Clerk Linda Stover who explains the whole process. Also, what happens when three field reporters head into the Rio Grande Community Farm corn maze? They get lost!

Podcast, STEM


Don't get creeped out, but this week on The Children's Hour it's all about spiders! New Mexico is home to hundreds of species of spiders.  Dr. Sandra Brantley and Dr. Rachel Alfarro from UNM’s Museum of Southwestern Biology's Arthropod Division helps us understand, and maybe even learn to love, the arthropods among us. Find out which are venomous and how we can live together harmoniously.

Podcast, STEM

Exploring the Arctic

What does it mean to be an explorer? Jen Chavez Miller is an 8th grade teacher who just returned from exploring Arctic Svalbard. The Arctic is experiencing unprecedented melting due to climate change. Find out how curiosity and exploration are essential tools for all kids to have a full understanding of the world.

Culture & Music, History, Podcast

Chaco Canyon

Take a trip to Chaco Canyon with The Children's Hour with our special guests, Hilary Grabowska, Park Ranger (Interpretation) at Chaco, Wendy Bustard, Chaco Curator, Brenna Lissoway, Chaco Archivist, and 6 year old Rowan Lissoway who recently earned his Junior Ranger badge at Chaco.

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Sonyk Vortex In Concert

It’s officially summer break on The Children’s Hour, so to have a great party, we have a live mini concert with the kids in Sonyk Vortex. Plus, we talk with 4th graders who are in the Wild Friends Program about pollinators in Albuquerque.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Classical Summertime

This time on The Children's Hour, we're celebrating the end of school with some live music. Seth Hoffman plays us his Ode To Teachers. Hear award winning teenage classical bass player, Toby Vigneau play for us, and delight in a tango performed live by virtuoso violinist Dr. Cármelo delosSantos.

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