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Tag: Music Education

Laurie Berkner

On this episode of The Childrens Hour we’re joined by the legendary children’s musician Laurie Berkner for a mini concert and conversation. Plus we’ll find

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Funnyman Bill Harley

This week on The Children’s Hour, the funniest storyteller of our time, Grammy winning singer and songwriter Bill Harley joins us in a mini concert

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Resilience & Adaptation

This week on The Children’s Hour we’ll explore resilience and adaptation in the face of climate change with the folks from Climate Advocates Voces Unidas,

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Whistles And Flutes

On this episode of The Children’s Hour, we explore whistles and flutes through stories, poetry and music, with special guests Crawford McCallum, Enid Howarth, and

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Live At The Outpost

This week on The Children’s Hour, in a live broadcast from The Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, we feature musical guests, Eileen & The In-Betweens,

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