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Podcast, STEM

Kids In Space

This week on The Children's Hour, hear our chat with astronaut Christina Koch who is aboard the International Space Station recorded live at the University of New Mexico with an audience of over 600 students. This was a rare and out of this world opportunity for students to engage with NASA astronauts, space experts and other space enthusiasts in an interactive atmosphere.

A volcano spewing lava
Podcast, STEM

Earthquakes & Volcanoes

This week on The Children's Hour, it's not earth shattering information that earthquakes and volcanoes are among the most destructive events on our planet. Join us for an exploration of the science behind them with Dr. Mousumi Roy professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico with a special interest in earth science.

The Frame by Frida Kahlo
Culture & Music, Podcast

Unlocking Family History & Frida Kahlo

How can we unlock family stories through songs? Musician and educator Michael Napolitano from Michael and the Rockness Monsters gives us tips on how to learn your family history through music at your holiday tables.  Then, second graders in Ms. Antillon's classroom in downtown Albuquerque's Coronado Elementary School teach us about the legendary Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. 

Civics, Podcast

Live From Museum of American Military Family

This week on The Children's Hour, join us for a live broadcast from the Museum of the American Military Family in Tijeras, New Mexico. How does having a parent serving in the armed forces impact a family? This museum is set up to look like a military family's home during World War 2 and is filled with memorabilia and more. Featuring musical guest, Rowan McJimsey and the Boy Scouts of New Mexico Troop 185.

Culture & Music, Health, Podcast

Death & Grief

This week on The Children’s Hour, we explore how kids cope with death and grief. We'll learn what are the best things to say to someone in mourning, and what we absolutely should never say. Find out the history of Halloween and Day of the Dead, and how you can memorialize someone you love.

A tree graphic photo with green on one side and dry and dead on other side
Podcast, STEM

Climate Change

This week on The Children’s Hour, how do weather and climate interact? To find out, the kids interview climatologist Dr. Dave Gutzler and meteorologist Dr. Dierdra Kahn about our changing climate. Plus, the crew talked with kids attending the school strike for climate about what they hope to accomplish. A warming planet makes some places extra hot, like cities. We'll find out why that happens, and what we can do about it.

Culture & Music, Podcast

World Music

This week on The Children’s Hour, travel to distant lands through song as we explore world music. Featuring performances recorded at Globalquerque 2019's school time show before an audience of a thousand kids by the Yup'ik band, Pamyua and the Garifuna Collective from Belize.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Two Of A Kind Mini Concert

On this edition of The Children's Hour, the award winning children's musical duo Two of A Kind perform a mini concert live in our Sunspot Solar Studio.The band tells stories through music, movement, humor and audience participation, covering themes like reading and social issues, such as conflict resolution and diversity.

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