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Iraqi refugee children
Culture & Music, Podcast

Being a Refugee

The Children's Hour explores what it's like to be a refugee with two-time Grammy-winning Oud virtuoso, Rahim AlHaj. What makes a person flee their home to become a stranger in a strange land? What gets left behind, and what do they carry with them? Rahim shares his personal story, and plays some music on the world's oldest string instrument.

A porcupine eating a daffodil
Podcast, STEM

Citizen Science & Porcupines

This week on The Children’s Hour, we learn all about porcupines. Kids are leading the research into these mysterious and elusive creatures in the Middle Rio Grande Valley with the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Project - BEMP. It's just one project of citizen science we'll explore. Find out how you can be part of a mission to help NASA grow green chile in space. We've got great music on this show too.

Washing hands
Health, Podcast

Kids & Covid-19

This week on The Children’s Hour, kids take on Covid-19. We talk with Dr. Anthony Fleg from UNM Family Practice and the Native Health Initiative, and he offers his tips for reducing our stress and anxiety. Plus kids from our listening audience and crew share how they’re coping with being out of school, and practicing social distancing. We also hear from a school social worker Ruth Graunke about strategies to stay calm in crisis, and we visit with Alice Lu McCoy, from the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council about making an extra effort to connect with kids and adults who are living in residential facilities.

3 kids from the organization we feature: CAVU
Culture & Music, Podcast, STEM

Resilience & Adaptation

This week on The Children’s Hour we’ll explore resilience and adaptation in the face of climate change with the folks from Climate Advocates Voces Unidas, CAVU. Humans and other animals have remarkable adaptations to change, and are demonstrating resilience. How do we teach that to kids? Plus we’ll hear from child prodigy Kayden Kelly about young musicians whose talents far exceed expectations.

The Bart Prince spaceship house in Albuquerque
Culture & Music, History, Podcast, STEM

What is Architecture?

This week on The Children's Hour, we explore architecture with the legendary New Mexican architect and University of New Mexico professor emerita Edie Cherry in a live broadcast from the Special Collections branch library. With musical guests, the Squash Blossom Boys, and featuring The Children's Hour Kids Crew, and librarians. Learn a lot more about New Mexican architecture inside Dr. Cherry's New Mexico Architecture Guide.

Pollinator Protectors license plate from New Mexico
Literacy, Podcast, STEM

Pollinator Protectors

This week on The Children's Hour, meet kids who are pollinator protectors with Wild Friends of New Mexico. These students from the Albuquerque Sign Language Academy successfully lobbied the state legislature for a license plate, in order to raise funds to build pollinator friendly medians and roadways. We also find out more about their school, where classes are taught in sign language. And we meet Cecil Williams, a photographer who helped capture Civil Rights History with his lens.

A child wearing a Children's Hour tshirt, standing in a colorful projection of light.
Culture & Music, Podcast

Play Time

This week on The Children’s Hour, how do you play? We sent kid reporters knee-deep into a living video game to find out what that’s like, and we meet toy and history maker, Dr. Lisa, who’s creating multicultural dolls to represent kids of all shapes and colors.  The Fresh Dolls help kids see themselves in their toys. Play along with us! We've got great music and so much more!

Man and older child smiling and sitting side by side.
Health, Podcast


What is a mentor, and how does having a mentor make a difference in a kid’s life? Learn what mentors do with the time they spend with kids. Big Brothers Big Sisters bring mentors and kids to our studio for a conversation with the Kids Crew. Plus, we learn why kids think Albuquerque is cool. With great music, jokes, a Bill Harley story, and so much more. 

Anthropologist digging in soil.
Culture & Music, History, Podcast, STEM


What is Anthropology, and how does understanding human evolutionary history help us understand people today? The Children’s Hour celebrates a year on the road exploring what makes us human at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico. We learn about human evolutionary history, and how we're related to our ancient ape ancestors.

A child laying on a bed looking at tablet computer screen
Health, Podcast, Social & Emotional Life, STEM

Kids & Screens

How much screen time is too much for kids? This week on The Children's Hour we explore digital devices, addiction, and kids. Our crew discuss their own use of screens, and what they think about how they use their devices.  Dr. Kristina Sowar visits our studio to answer our questions about the mental health impacts of screen time on kids. We also hear from technology pioneer Dom Sagolla who has advice for kids about self control and screens.

Two small children standing at the edge of a stage
Civics, Culture & Music, Literacy, Podcast

Best of 2019

On the next episode of The Children's Hour radio show and podcast, we take a look back at some of our favorite clips and music from 2019. We spoke with New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, author Kwame Alexander, kids concerned about the climate, and many others. Featuring music recorded at our many live programs.

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