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Podcast, Seasonal

Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother's Day with a musical Children's Hour, featuring some of our favorite "Kindie" musicians honoring mothers through shoutouts and songs. We even hear from Katie Stone's mom!

Podcast, STEM

Backyard Wildlife

What's wild about your backyard? This time on The Children's Hour we explore creating a wild backyard, and what to do with injured wild animals we may find.

Podcast, STEM

Every Day is Earth Day

Celebrate our planet Earth with The Children's Hour, and our special guests, renown climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann, author Megan Herbert, and kids from The Global Warming Express.

Culture & Music, Podcast


This time on The Children's Hour, the winner of the 2022 Grammy for Best Children's Release, Falu is our guest for the whole hour.

Podcast, Social & Emotional Life

Games We Play

This time on The Children's Hour, we explore the games we love to play. The Kids Crew share their favorites all through the show, including games we can all play that don't need any pieces, game boards, or equipment.

Podcast, STEM


This time on The Children's Hour, we learn about parasites. Parasitologists Dr. Matt Bolek and Dr. Sarah Bush join our Kids Crew for a lively discussion.

Culture & Music, Podcast

Kid Pan Alley

We're joined this time on The Children's Hour by Paul and Cheryl Reisler from Kid Pan Alley, who have written more than 2,500 songs with more than 70,000 children over the last 30 years.

Learning Guide, Podcast, STEM


This time on The Children's Hour, we learn about Manatees, the gentle giants of the sea. In a visit with Andrea Hermann from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, the Kids Crew and Katie discuss the current ecological status of manatees, plus we find out all about their lives in the seas around Florida and elsewhere in the world.